Trekking means the act of traveling on foot to a maximum height of six thousand and five hundred meters (6500m) with the purpose of sightseeing, walking, hiking, climbing  and recreation at various natural and cultural sites in place where means of modern transport are either not available or are purposely not used.

The Hindukush,Chitral region especially the highest section of this range offers a good number of trekking routes up to 6500m. Some are traditionally used but may have been explored.

Tirich Mir Base Camp Trek
Terich valley is populated with several small villages separated by groves of apricot and apple trees. The valley is very fertile and the resulting verdant floor is in breathtaking contrasts to orange and yellow apricots and apples, especially in late summer.
Kalash Valleys Trek
The Kalash are one of the world's endangered minority communities. Kalash are only non-Muslim people living three valleys, Bumboret, Rumbur and Birir in the Hindukush region of Chitral. These valleys lie South and West of Chitral Town, and west of Chitral River.

Chitral Gol National Park Trek
Chitral Gol National Park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1979 and a National Park in 1984. This 7750-hectare area lies just west of the Town of Chitral, encompassing the watershed of Chitral Gol.
Chitral Gol National Park is surrounded by high Hindukush peaks...
Shah Jinali - Boroghil Pass & Karambar Lake Trek
This trek is one of the most popular ones, as it presents one of the best scenic beauties. A good number of trekking takes this route. The area is full of rich flora and fauna .It has been a royal game reserve in the past and regarded one of the best wild life habitats
Chitral - Kiyar & Ovir - Shagrom via Zani Pass Trek
This trek passes mostly through human settlements except the Ovir Pass. Used by the local people for traveling to Chitral. State dissidents and noble princes also used it. The route connects a number of hamlets where one can see local culture. The Zani Pass route has been a well-used one since time immemorial.

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