Photo Gallary
Colourful Kalash
Kalash Children
Kalash Girls in Tradional Dress
Kalash Woman Smoking
Kalash Women Dancing
A Kalash Girl
A Kalash Lady
Baby Kalash with her Sister
Kalash Girls during a festival
Kalash Girls
Kalash House I
Kalash people in Traditional dress
An old kalash woman
kalash vellly trek
Kalash House
Young Kalash Girls I Bumburet
Kalash Knitting Tradional Dress
Kalash Woman with her Baby

Peaks of Hindukush
Expedition Members
View From Shagrom
Icelandic Expedition to Punji peak
Istor o Nal
Udren Zom
A Peak in Chitral
Noshaq 7492m
A trekking party in Chitral
Udren Zom south 7130m
Noshaq From Dirgol Zom
Shingeik Zom
Darban Zom 7220m
Istor o Nal
Buni Zom Page I
Tirich Mir
Porters Marching to Kotgaz Glacier
Aerial View of Saraghrar & Langutai Barfi
Austrian Tirich Mir Expedition 1975
British Istor o Nal Expedition 1936
Langutai Barfi 7017m
Gul Lasht Zom From Istor o Nal BC
Gul Lasht Zom from Tirichmir Base Camp
Langutai Barfi& Shakaur
Shyniak (Jungle of Birch Tree) on the way to Tirichmir BC
Terichmir From Noshaq
Tirich Mir Base camp
Arial View of Terichmir BC
Technical Portion of Tirichmir
Terich Mir Camp
Tirich Mir Peaks from Noshaq Summit
Natural Lakes in Chitral
A water Fall in Chitral
Phandar lake
Shandur lake
Flora & Fauna in Chitral
Pine Trees in Chitral
Ibex in Chitral
Markhor in Chitral Gol National Park
Beautiful pheasant in Chitral Gol National Park.jpg
Snow Leopard in Chitral
Gentian flower in Hindukush
Snow Leopard in Chitral
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