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Miss Patricia Mary Deavoll
Christchurch-New Zealand
Member (Life Time) Alpine Club of New Zealand
Tel: +64212161386

I have taken part in 15 expeditions to the Himalayas, Karakoram and Hindukush over the past 15 years, but never had such good service as I had on this year (June - July 2014) climb of Languatai Barfi 7017m, Hindukush, Chitral - Pakistan.
Razaq and Terichmir Travel were outstanding in their service and in making us feel welcome and safe in the Hindukush. Everything went without a hitch, and we had wonderful Guide, Porters, a wonderful Cook who served us great meals, and a well-supported Base Camp. Thank you once again, Razaq and all the other members of Terichmir Travel, for making our stay so enjoyable and hassle-free.
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Dr. Nikolas Kroupis
42 032, Elati
Trikala, Greece
Tel: +30 2434071312
Cell: +30 6934284976
Email: nkroup@gmail.com

I am travelling to several countries of the world for many years for climbing and trekking. My experience in Hindukush, Chitral- Pakistan is vast and I have been there in the year 2002 (Buni Zom 6551m), 2004 (Buni Zom 6551m), 2006 (Terich Mir 7708m), 2007 (Buni Zom 6551m), 2009 (Raghshur 6089m).
During all these expeditions I got services from Terichmir Travel, which is Chitral based agency, providing services to foreign expeditions in Hindukush. Razaq is one of the few guides of the region who belongs to Shagrom Terich valley (gateway of all the highest peaks of Hindukush), has a remarkable experience of the peaks of Hindukush.
During our brief stay with Terichmir Travel we got all the best possible services and great hospitality. I am thankful to Razaq and his team for their great support and can recommend for others.


Christopher James Todd
Christchurch, New Zealand
Email: getchristodd@gmail.com

Abdur Razaq of Terichmir Travel organised everything for our expedition to Langutai Barfi 7017m Hindukush Pakistan in the year of 2014 . Our trip was very well organised and hassle-free. Razaq always went the extra mile to make sure every detail was in order. I heartily recommend Razaq and Terichmir Travel.

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